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Very well organised and planned. A fantastic trip, educational, inspiring. A real taste of the true Uganda, wonderful people, fantastic wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Paul M

Iain and Millie put together an extensive program covering the wildlife parks animals and landscapes of Uganda. But more importantly we were immersed into the lives of the isolated rural communities rebuilding their lives after years of terror and oppression. An awe inspiring country to challenge all your senses.

James B

Iain and family you are great, innovative and thanks for initiating the idea of these tours.

You coming to us and the involvement and engagement with the small African enterprises into a self reliant project not only uplifts their financial level but it is building them holistically as I noticed from the different groups we visited.

Sylvia A

On our tour, we saw, listened, and explored a country so vast. From the lush green south to the burning dry north. Oh what a joy! I will return.

Carolyn K

An emersive and rewarding adventure -a welcome reality check, food for the soul and a stimulating feast for the senses in every way. UP! is doing some worthy community based humanitaria projects and welcomes adventurous travellers to join their Ugandan tours.


Jamie M

This was a fascinating and eye watering adventure. It combined the popular tourist sights with a more accurate reality of Ugandan life.

Ellie E

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